Month: March 2021

Keynote tweet 2021

Neuro-Convention Virtual 2021 – Keynote address by SWBF Global Ambassador

The Neuro-Convention Virtual conference took place on March 16th and 17th this year and invited Dr Mohamed Sakel (FRCP), Global Ambassador of SWBF and Karen Saunders to present a keynote lecture for the Rehabilitation Stream. The Neuro-Convention is Europe’s leading conference event for Brain and Spinal Injury Experts and attracted an audience of about 400…

March 2021 Cross Specialty Research Team Live Event Flyer

Evolving Trends in Vulnerabilities & Impact During COVID

Webinar addresses unequal impact of the pandemic The cross-specially research team launched their third live webinar event last week, with opening comments from MP Rosle Duffield and our chief executive Susan Acott. The event focused on sharing and reviewing research evidence of how the pandemic has caused further damage to already vulnerable groups. Director of…

International Women's Day 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

‘We Salute All Our Women in the Foundation’ as well as the world for their extremely hard work and struggle in life. Empowering women through health and social care is the biggest challenge of the Sir William Beveridge Foundation. Women in our Foundation is paying their best effort to support the vulnerable adults in the…