Sir William Beveridge Foundation

Working on Health & Social Care; Women Empowerment; Training & Education; Research & Dementia Friendly Care Village

About Us

The Foundation bases its work on the initiation and delivery of practical projects under three principal areas: Health and Social care, Empowerment and Education.


At the core is its desire to show how, in providing people with the right tools and the right support where and when they need it, they can be encouraged to live a life that includes hope, dignity, confidence and self-esteem coupled with an ability to care about and help others. Also, to help people feel part of a community, to feel they are useful members of a society and to look after their families.


The Foundation believes that by basing its work on the ideals of the Welfare State that were introduced into the United Kingdom through William Beveridge and his 1942 Report, translating them into a modern context and spreading them gradually across the globe will help to form better societies.


“The Foundation was founded in 2006 by Dr Rahman Jilani. Though it was based in London, UK it has now been operating fully in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A Management Board oversees the administration and financial activities in conjunction with the Executive Chairman who is responsible for the overall management of the whole organisation.


The Head of Operations in the Dhaka office is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Foundation’s practical projects in that country. The Foundation’s Dhaka office was established in the heart of the city in 2008. It has approval to operate, initially from the NGO Affairs Bureau and now from the Social Welfare Ministry of the Government of Bangladesh. There are more than 200 permanent staff with a number of coordinators and supervisors, Field Officer covering the work of care staff and other staff such as those employed at the “Beveridge Foundation School for Children” situated in a nearby town in the District of Chandpur.


The Management Board exercises all the powers of the Foundation as laid out in the Memorandum of Association. The Board members and trustees bring experience, knowledge and standing that is compatible with the aims of the Foundation and provide valuable input into its effective management. The Head of Operations (HOB) of the Foundation reports directly to the Executive Chairman of the Management Board.

About Us