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Dementia Friendly Care Village

Sir William Beveridge Foundation truly and sincerely believes that a better society can be established by ensuring a decent living for every person. And in the past,  the Seniors played many important roles in establishing a congenial paradigm with their experience, thought and positive performances. It is sad but true that due to the business and bustles of modern  living , the Juniors are gradually moving away from their parents and elderly relatives. However,  in order  to respond humbly,  we are trying to compensate them with a model of “a Care Village”  for this age group.  The work of establishing- a Beveridge Care Village started in it’s own land in Kapasia, Gazipur. This project is a long cherished dream of the Foundation. In the actualisation of that dream, 50 senior citizens of the society will get a permanent address of living a peaceful life till death. To ensure a better life, it will have all the facilities possible of a modern life in our non-urban setting. An integrated team of doctors and trained nurses will be involved in ensuring healthcare. There will be wide walkways and resting arrangements with added opportunities for indoor games and gardening for physical and mental recreation and other suitable pursuits. This will be a springboard for energetic life in a green and clean rural environment. This project is a “work in progress” under the direct supervision of the Founder- Rahman Jilani PhD. So far a one-storey house, a pond and a boundary wall have been established. Also for beautification, our resident gardener Mr. Munir has planted fruit trees,  local and foreign, native and extrenuous wildflowers and trying very hard to recreate ‘a culturally appropriate safe environment’ in the arena of greens. We appreciate and wishes our very bests for the success of this project.