Global and UK Projects

The Sir William Beveridge Foundation is delighted to announce that it has moved its Headquarters from East London to Essex to expand upon the demographic area it will now serve. The organisation has taken on some additional staff for fundraising, research and ongoing project development in the UK and abroad.

Raising Awareness:

The Sir William Beveridge Foundation has a large international hegemony, in carrying on the work of its namesake. The charity has a particular aim in raising global awareness in the field of dementia, and health and social care. One such area identified to achieve this aim is to empower by training. The awareness campaign was first rolled out in the Bangladesh where the Foundation held it first International conference in Dhaka, in February 2014 where professional clinicians, doctors and medical practitioners, from around the world, came together in support of the Foundations work.

The Foundation has been raising awareness amongst the BAME communities on a global basis and in the United Kingdom. BAME communities suffer particularly from the three major evils of modern health: heart disease, dementia and diabetes. It is the intention of the Foundation to ensure that such communities are provided with help and support in order to maintain an independent and quality life. The Foundation has affiliations with other health bodies and commercial organisations to achieve this and spread awareness.

Health and Social Care Training:

The Foundation has for the first time rolled out healthcare training programmes, partnering up the professional training bodies to provide skills development for youths who have a passion to develop careers in health and social care. The vision of the Foundation is to replicate its model from its international projects to give people vocational skills in order to provide opportunities to come out of poverty and reduce unemployment. The Foundation is also creating the scope to empower women who have suffered abuse and discrimination.

International Sponsorship Programmes:

The Foundation also gives people the opportunity to work, develop skills and culture in other parts of the world. With its international hubs around the globe the Foundation sponsors healthcare staff to travel as expats to provide their services to less fortunate and vulnerable people in many parts of the world such as Bangladesh, Australia and other parts of South East Asia.