International Health Projects & Volunteering Opportunities

UNA Canterbury’s 4 day Programme of events in One World Week: 23rd – 26th October 2014

 University of Kent, Canterbury

4 projects supported by the RCN and others, discussed the ethics and principles for working overseas.

The Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in Bangladesh and the Valerie Taylor Trust (VTT). Michael Vince & Dr Mohamed  Sakel

Healthcare Ethiopia Partnership—Lesley Long

Medecins Sans Frontieres—Michael Vince

Patience Vince Voluntary Service Overseas’ (VSO)- Patience Vince.

Dr Sakel chaired the programme & congratulated Michael Vince from RCN for his leadership in organising the UN event and conducting the lively debate. Dr Sakel mentioned the inspirational work by Valerie Taylor in developing a spinal Unit (CRP) in Bangladesh. The CRP provides a model for spinal rehabilitation which Kent could benefit from. He also mentioned good works by another organisation Sir William Beveridge Foundation (SWBF) that works in London as well as in Bangladesh. As the ambassador of SWBF, he wished to have support from Kent Brain Injury Forum to develop service provision for Dementia in UK & in Bangladesh.  Tanesh  Bhugobaun, KBIF chairman has pledged his support in such endeavours in Kent and beyond. There was a discussion to encourage more exchange of volunteers between Kent and overseas programme like CRP. There was a lively discussion about the issues in service development in UK by foreign born people. Patience Vince mentioned about the value of learning whilst doing volunteering work and long tradition of such work by people from Kent.

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