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Neuro-Convention Virtual 2021 – Keynote address by SWBF Global Ambassador

The Neuro-Convention Virtual conference took place on March 16th and 17th this year and invited Dr Mohamed Sakel (FRCP), Global Ambassador of SWBF and Karen Saunders to present a keynote lecture for the Rehabilitation Stream. The Neuro-Convention is Europe’s leading conference event for Brain and Spinal Injury Experts and attracted an audience of about 400 attendees and dozens of Exhibitors for Innovation in Neuroscience.

Dr Sakel (Director Neurorehab service, East Kent, UK) and Karen presented their keynote lecture on Neuro-rehabilitation: Leading service improvement through research, innovation and education. They outlined the innovative clinical trials done with Rex Bionics Robotics for MS and Spinal injury patients in Canterbury, UK.  Karen described the Long COVID in Spinal injury patients, Dr Sakel is the Principal Investigator for that UK- US-Canada- Bangladesh study. Audience members complimented them on providing an interesting and powerful session (feedback comments attached).

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