Unequal Impact of COVID-19

Unequal Impact of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Communities

6th cross-specialty research team live webinar event:

Unequal Impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable communities

Event details:

Day: Friday

Date: 11th March 2022

Time: 17:30-19:00 PM (UK GMT)

To Join Click the Link Here: https://ekhuft.webex.com/ekhuft/j.php?MTID=m985c7b1fce177e20fa26f53304547fd5


Lock down proof clinical trial – Brain Computer Interface – Dr M Sakel, FRCP, UK

British Medical Association Survey 2022 – “NHS riddled with racism”-Prof & Dr Partha Kar, OBE, Director-Equality, Medics, NHSE, Consultant, Diabetes Co-lead, NHSE

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