WHO Virtual Meeting-01

Virtual Meeting on WHO’s Dementia Research Blueprint

This event was held on 19-20 May 2021. WHO is developing a Dementia Research Blueprint for Action with the aim to accelerate global dementia research and innovation and to make research more productive and efficient, with a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusiveness in all stages from generation to implementation.

The blueprint will ultimately enable and facilitate policy making for dementia research. To achieve that, global prioritization is necessary to ensure that ongoing dementia research covers critical areas within the full care pathway (including prevention, treatment, cure, and implementation science), in ways that harmonize investigative approaches and reduce redundancies. This necessitates building greater research capacity in all income settings, as well as developing mechanisms to ensure inclusion of people with dementia and their carers across all research activities.

Since 2008, Sir William Beveridge Foundation has been working in Dementia Research, Awareness, Consultation, and Care to the elderly citizens across Dhaka city. With these experiences and expertise, we took part in this virtual meeting. From our end, Major General Jiban Kanai Das (Retd.) acting Country Director, our Global Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Sakel from England, and Manab Sarker Global Project Coordinator made their statements on Population-Based Research, Social and Community and Care Provision. Around 61 participants across the globe along with World Health Organisation’s Secretariats participated in this virtual meeting.